Horror Stories - What we have run into on our first maintenance visit:

  • Elevator with a monthly service agreement where there was only one preventative maintenance visit in the last year
  • Found the elevator pit with over a foot of debris in it creating a fire hazard and indicating that it had been a long time since anyone tested or examined the equipment there.
  • Found the mandatory annual safety tests years past due.
  • Elevator contractor performed last preventative maintenance for a church and left the elevator not running because "we no longer do the maintenance"
  • I did a site survey of a hotel and the owner’s rep showed me a TSSA inspection report that had 3 full pages of deficiencies. The TSSA inspector had informed the owner’s rep that these were the most directives he had ever written at a facility.
  • Customer with a new 3-month-old elevator, still under warranty, had a problem with oil leaking from the unit. Multiple calls had been placed to the installers of the unit and there has been no response from them.
  • A school had a new elevator installed but it never worked properly from the beginning. Customer made all the payments to the installer as agreed upon in their contract but there was still no response to their repeated calls for warranty service. The school then contacted Elevator One for assistance, who arrived the next day, repaired the new unit and got it up and running. Elevator One was awarded the maintenance contract for that unit.

First Story

These hoisting cables were just inspected by another elevator maintenance company said they were OK and fully...
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