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I would like to thank you and your crew for a very good job performed – in particular Jeff, James and Blair who kept me updated on items, informed me of any changes/delays, etc. and they were very polite to my tenants. The elevator room and pits have never looked so good!

-Breda Quinlivan, Administrator, Collier Place, Barrie

Please commend your installers on a great job at Queen’s University.

-Ted Gervais, Inspector and Regional Supervisor, TSSA

I was nothing short of impressed with the level of skill, knowledge and professionalism of all the Elevator One staff who worked on this project. It was executed safely, ahead of schedule and with a superb level of quality. Thanks for making this project a great success!

-Rob Hodder, Thermal Station Engineer Officer, OPG NW Thermal,Thunder Bay GS

The TSSA paid a surprise visit today for an elevator inspection – they said they found everything in “perfect” order and commented that we have an excellent service provider. I’ve attached a copy of the inspection report for your files – no directions.

-Adele Reid, Manager – Administrative Services, King Township Public Library

Thanks for your great elevator maintenance service over the past year.

-John Este, Town of Parry Sound

After 2 weeks of being without our elevator and being told that the part was on order, I contacted Elevator One for help. I still can’t believe that your mechanic had the part in his truck and was able to fix our elevator the very next day. Thank you very much for your part in getting our elevator fixed.

-Cathryn, Bracebridge Public Library

Thank you for your excellent service. We couldn’t be happier with your team!

-Alicia and Rich, Midland Towers

The quality of elevator maintenance you are receiving from Elevator One and the overall condition of the job is being graded as above average in comparison to the standard of elevator service being provided in the Province of Ontario.

-National Elevator Consulting

I’d like to work with your team again on this next job because on the past jobs your team got the construction jobs done on schedule and your guys are a pleasure to work with.

-Heljar Hansen, Owner/Director - Pratt Homes, Barrie

Elevator One Inc. have gone “the extra mile” to provide us with a comprehensive Elevator Inspection, Maintenance and Service program, exceeding all our requirements. I would gladly recommend them to anyone who has a requirement for elevator servicing and installations.

-Gordon Dunn, Canadian Forces Base Borden

Your construction crew was very courteous and willing to work around our schedule while installing a new elevator in our fully operational building.

-Debbie, Uxbridge Town Office

Hello gents, I hope that you are having a great day and enjoying the weather. Just wanted to express a sincere thank you to you both as well as the team. We have, as of this afternoon, 2 fully operational elevators!

-Daniel Cox, Controller, Hockley Valley Resort

Thank you very much for your prompt response! If I have anyone looking for commercial service, I will refer your way. You responded far faster than anyone else in your industry!

-Doug Williamson, Willx Technologies

I would highly recommend Elevator One for your elevator needs. From the design stage, right through to the final installation, they were a pleasure to work with. Questions were answered promptly, installers showed up when they said they would, deadline expectations were clearly communicated and met and problem solving on site was dealt with in a professional manner. Overall a very positive experience working with everyone in the company.

-Brenda Ryan, co-owner of FAD Architects, Parry Sound

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Elevator One Provides Top-Ranked Elevator Repair

What does Elevator One do?

Elevator One is an elevator repair company and we are actually the premier elevator repair company in the province of Ontario. We are top rated by TSSA as we do an amazing job of taking care of our customers and giving them the experience that they expect. We keep their elevators running very well.

We also perform elevator service on elevators and perform elevator modernization as well as elevator new construction work. We do all of these things to satisfy our clients and keep them and their vertical transportation equipment running very well. We do this by providing our valued clients an experienced customer service team that quickly reacts to customer needs. We are also very proactive in performing preventative maintenance so that your elevator is not in need of repairs nearly as is typically required when other elevator service companies are maintaining the elevators. In fact, elevators in our portfolio only need a special special service visit due to a breakdown once per year per elevator on average.

What kinds of elevator repair and elevator services do we provide?

We provide service on all different kinds and makes of elevators: freight elevators, dumbwaiters, lifts, material lifts, handicapped lifts, stair lifts as well anything that is a commercial application. In our elevator maintenance program, we show up on a regular basis to the building to proactively repair or replace or just fine tune things on your elevating device. We also will replace parts that seem to be wearing and could cause problems in the future. We interact with the building people to find out what issues they may have noticed or are concerned about with their elevators and then see if there are things that can be addressed there. A primary goal of these visits is to proactively repair, replace, or adjust components before they result in an elevator breakdown.

We work very closely with the building personnel to make sure that any concerns are addressed on each and every visit. During these elevator repair and elevator maintenance visits, we also perform all of the mandatory testing that is required to keep your elevator in conformance with the local codes and make sure that the elevators stay safe. This includes annual safety tests and five year tests that are done with a full load to ensure that your elevator will function even in situations that are not normally experienced during the regular operation. We want our elevator service to be such that it predicts what is going to happen and make sure that the elevator is prepared for that and doesn’t fail when you need it most.

We also provide elevator modernization services. What this means is as an elevator gets older, significant parts of it need to be replaced or modernized to keep it running reliably. To do this, we come to you with a proposal of the parts that are causing the most problems and are getting worn. Once the proposal is accepted by our customers, we put together a schedule of how the modernization will take place. It  typically takes about three to five months, from the time we get approval, to order all of the equipment that we need. We work closely with the the building people and the tenants in the building to make sure that everyone is informed. Each of them will have an opportunity to ask questions in a pre-modernization meeting and with our elevator modernization staff when they come to the building. They then take the elevator that’s being modernised out of service and start working on it.

We try to be very sensitive to the needs of the building and interfere as little as possible with the operations of what goes on there.  We set up safety barricades where appropriate so that no one is exposed to any dangers in the elevator modernization area.

We also provide elevator repair services when an elevator breaks down and we will come in repair it and make sure that it’s running properly again. Our response times are very quick in these situations. In most cases, we are on site within an hour or two of receiving a call from an owner or facility manager for elevator repair.

When our elevator repair specialist gets there, he assesses what’s happening in the building and with the elevator. He will then proceed to repair the elevator either by replacing parts and adjusting things that are out of adjustment or whatever else needs to be done. On rare occasions, if we’re not able to get the elevator running again within an hour or two of arriving on site because there are some more significant things that need to be replaced or repaired, we will typically send out an elevator repair quotation for this larger type of repair this would typically take a service crew of a couple of people to perform the work. In these many of these cases  special parts need to be ordered as well. In these situations, we make sure to inform the building owners or managers of what the expected time lines are so that they can inform their people when they can expect to have the elevator back in service.

We are ranked very high as a company regarding the level of communications with our clients. Please check out our Google reviews and testimonials on our web site. We minimize the impact that elevators being repaired have on our clients and the people using their buildings. Everybody that should be informed is notified about what needs to happen in order to keep the elevator running safely. This level of communications and responsiveness allows people to rely on the elevator being back in service in the fastest time possible.

An important aspect of our elevator service and elevator maintenance programs is to ensure that the elevators continue to run reliably and that the uptime for the elevator is maximized. The bottom line is no one likes an unscheduled, unpredictable breakdown of their elevators as this often seems to happen at the most inconvenient times. That’s why our elevator repair company is one of the best ones in the province of Ontario with an average of between one and two breakdowns of their elevators per year where most of our competitors are in the range of five to ten breakdowns per elevator per year. If you’re not experiencing this level (only 1 breakdown per year) of reliability from your elevators, please give Elevator One a call and we will come up with a better solution for you.

What types of clients does Elevator One serve?

Our clients cover the full range of commercial elevator clients from apartment buildings to churches, community centers, care facilities, commercial office buildings, manufacturing plants, and all kinds of different types of buildings. We perform elevator repair and elevator service for all of these types of buildings. Our list of satisfied clients is a long one and it includes high profile clients like nuclear power plants, hospitals, Canadian military bases, federal buildings, drug manufacturers, nursing homes, schools, retirement facilities, warehouses and many, many more. There is no limit to the types of buildings that Elevator One will service the elevators. We have no concerns about making sure that our people have the proper security clearances for any type of building and can help you out with your elevator maintenance needs in pretty much any location in Ontario within our target areas noted below.

These cities and their surrounding areas that we provide elevator repair, elevator service and elevator maintenance include: Barrie, Bradford, Gravenhurst, Huntsville, Parry Sound, Bracebridge, Midland, Penetanguishene.   We provide elevator maintenance in Collingwood, elevator maintenance Gravenhurst, elevator maintenance Huntsville, elevator maintenance Parry Sound, elevator maintenance Bracebridge, elevator maintenance Midland, elevator maintenance Tottenham, elevator maintenance Aurora. Elevator maintenance Allison, elevator maintenance Cookstown, elevator maintenance Kleinberg, elevator maintenance Newmarket, elevator maintenance Blue Mountains, elevator maintenance Rama, elevator  maintenance Richmond Hill, elevator maintenance Angus, elevator maintenance Stayner, Ielevator maintenance Wasaga Beach, elevator maintenance Coldwater, elevator maintenance East Gwillimbury, elevator maintenance Elmvale, elevator maintenance Georgina, elevator maintenance Keswick, elevator maintenance Muskoka, elevator maintenance Port Carling, elevator maintenance Port Perry, elevator maintenance Simcoe County, elevator maintenance Stouffville, elevator maintenance Borden, elevator maintenance Sutton, elevator maintenance Mono, elevator maintenance Bracebridge, elevator maintenance Orillia, elevator maintenance Baysville, elevator maintenance Beaton, elevator maintenance Bolton, elevator maintenance Burks Falls, elevator maintenance Kleinburg, elevator maintenance Holland Landing, elevator maintenance King City, elevator maintenance Midhurst, elevator maintenance Oro, elevator maintenance Orangeville, elevator maintenance Port  Severn, elevator maintenance Powassan, elevator maintenance Shelburne elevator maintenance Sundrich, elevator maintenance Tiny and, elevator maintenance Thornhill. And as we provide maintenance in all of these areas, we have technicians spread out throughout the district that can quickly service you or your needs if your elevators breakdown. We’re more prompt to service you during regular hours than after hours because we just have a one on CALL crew after hours but we have more people and more backups than our competitors do at that time.

Who are Elevator One’s competitors?

Elevator One has many competitors both multinational companies and some smaller companies. We feel that we provide much better value for your money than any of them do. Otis Elevator is one of our competitors Kone Elevator is also a competitor Schindler Elevator is also a competitor and a smaller local one is Hitrac Elevator. One of the big differences that we provide to most of these companies is that we are a non-union elevator company so when we do your elevator maintenance or your elevator repair, we are not held back by strikes or lockouts that often happen with the unionized companies. We are also not bound by some of the old guidelines and habits that result in significant inefficiencies within the unionized companies. Also, we have better control over our manpower because when an elevator is broken, our people will happily go the extra mile and don’t get into discussions with the union about what should really be done to take excellent care of our customers. Service is the number one priority and we get that done and our people are excited and happy to be part of a team that’s providing top level service.

What sets Elevator One apart from our competitors?

The main thing that sets us apart is we are focused on both service and integrity and are looking for long term customer relationships. That means we won’t do anything in the short term for short term gain that’s going to negatively impact the long term customer relationships.  We’re very open to converse with our clients if there are any concerns right up to and speaking to the president of the company if a client desires to do that. Some of the very hands on practical things that we do differently than most of our competitors are as follows:

  1. If you drop your keys in the elevator pit, most of our competitors will charge you the full hourly billing rate sometimes with a two or three hour minimum billing. We will typically only charge you for the time that it takes to do the work and if you can wait until the next time one of our technicians in the area, we typically do not charge you anything for it.
  2. One of the other common extra charges on elevators is paying to have an elevator technician there while you perform the smoke detector tests in your elevator hoistway. We encourage our customers to schedule that ahead of time so it can be done in conjunction with your regular maintenance visit and when that happens we only charge you for the time that it takes to do the work – which is often only for five or ten minutes. This is a significant difference from our competitors who usually charge you their minimum hourly billing rate and that can easily be a thousand dollar charge when they charge you over three hundred dollars with a two and a half hour minimum. plus taxes and traveling expenses and all those other extras. Our rates are much more reasonable than this.
  3. One other thing that we do as well is to help to educate our clients is if we get a service call where the elevator is running on arrival when we get there and it’s not actually a valid service call. Most of our competitors charge for that. We actually give our clients one of those free of charge every two years just to help them learn and understand that it’s important to check your elevator before you call us and not just get a report from somebody in the building that says the elevator is broken. We encourage you to physically go make sure that you try pressing the button to find the elevator car checked for things like dirt in the door tracks that could be causing a malfunction check. Check that the key switches are set in the proper location so that the elevator can function the way that it’s supposed to do and save yourself a lot of money.
  4. We also do try to connect with the actual building person before technician is dispatched and comes out so that he can try to ascertain if the problem is something that the client can take care of themselves.

Having heard much about Elevator One’s services like elevator maintenance, elevator service, elevator modernization and elevator repair, we would like to get you to get in touch with Elevator One so that we can give you a quotation for maintenance services or modernization services – whichever applies to your current situation. We are confident that once you experience Elevator One, you will soon see the positive differences as compared to who you may be currently using.

We are the top-ranked elevator repair and elevator maintenance company by TSSA and we enthusiastically serve these cities and their surrounding areas in the province of Ontario:

Alliston, ON

Angus, ON

Aurora, ON

Barrie, ON

Baysville, ON

Beeton, ON

Blue Mountains, ON

Bolton, ON

Borden, ON

Bracebridge, ON

Bradford, ON

Burk’s Falls, ON

Caledon, ON

Coldwater, ON

Collingwood, ON

Cookstown, ON

East Gwillimbury, ON

Elmvale, ON

Etobicoke, ON

Georgina, ON

Gravenhurst, ON

Holland Landing, ON

Huntsville, ON

Innisfil, ON

Keswick, ON

King City, ON

Kleinburg, ON

Markham, ON

Midhurst, ON

Midland, ON

Mississauga, ON

Mono, ON

Muskoka, ON


North York, ON

Orangeville, ON

Orillia, ON

Oro, ON

Parry Sound, ON

Penetanguishene, ON

Port Carling, ON

Port Perry, ON

Port Severn, ON

Powassan, ON

Rama, ON

Richmond Hill, ON

Shelburne, ON

Simcoe County, ON

Stayner, ON

Stouffville, ON

Sundridge, ON

Sutton , ON

Thornhill, ON

Thornhill, ON

Tiny, ON

Tottenham, ON

Unionville, ON

Uxbridge, ON

Vaughan, ON

Wasaga Beach, ON

Waubaushene, ON

Woodbridge, ON

York Region, ON