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Our exceptional quality and service have made us the go-to elevator service supplier
for critical customers in both the elevator and accessibility industries:


Full Modernization

For some customers, lifts and elevators are a nice convenience, but for others they are critical to the operations of their business or residence. In recent years we have had a number of large organizations come to us because the shoddy elevator service they were receiving was drastically affecting their ability to provide exceptional services to their own customers. Some manufacturers have freight elevators which are critical parts of their manufacturing lines, vertically transporting raw materials and finished product from one floor to the next. Hotels depend on reliable 24/7 elevator service to make their customers’ experience a positive one. Elevators are also critical for elderly homes and those with disabilities. Apotex Pharmaceuticals, Casino Rama, and Jarlette Health Services are just a few of the many customers that we have taken over in recent years and drastically improved their elevator reliability.

Accessibility Lifts

Partial Modernization

Many organizations such as places of worship, schools, and service organizations rely on accessibility lifts to safely, and consistently transport riders with special mobility needs. We are disappointed to frequently hear of stories where those in need are unable to participate in vital activities and events, because their elevating contractors have failed to do proper due diligence. Every month, we have such organizations making the switch to Elevator One, because of our stellar reputation for Integrity, Service and Quality. We service places of worship in most Central Ontario communities. Both the York District and York Catholic School Boards (along with many other school boards), rely on Elevator One to safely transport their most valuable assets – their students and staff. We also support the Royal Canadian Legion, both with annual contributions, and also by servicing many of their accessibility lifts at various branches.

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Why Choose Elevator One?

All Elevator companies are not alike. Here are five reasons why you should choose Elevator
One for your new elevator installation.


Never been the source of a delay

In over 25 years in business we have never been the source of delay on a building project. We hear stories all the time of elevator contractors delaying building completion but that isn’t our story because we never overbook our crews and we work WITH the General Contractors and Owners, not against them.


Always the highest value

We are rarely the lowest initial price contractor, however, we are always the highest value. Here’s why:

Our equipment lasts longer

We hit our deadlines, no construction delays (which is added cost / fines / lost revenue)

Any savings you had upfront are gone


Only high quality equipment

While many elevator manufacturers have continued to cut corners in their new elevator designs (i.e. thinner steel, cheaper components), we continue to only install high quality equipment. While you can save some money up front, when your elevator needs to be replaced 10 years sooner, all your savings are lost many times over.


Don’t get locked in: we only use non-proprietary

Many new elevators are proprietary, or have many proprietary components. If you install a proprietary control system, your only option for a service provider will probably be the installing contractor. We do not feel there is integrity in this and therefore only install non-proprietary equipment (i.e. we provide any tools necessary so any qualified elevator technician can maintain it).


We work with contractors and owners

The new construction market is known for GCs getting the “lowest initial” prices from elevator contractors only to go to war with them afterwards as they try to get every extra they can, cut corners to save money, and frequently miss deadlines. In contrast, Elevator One works WITH contractors and owners, not against them. We charge fair prices up front and only charge extras where reasonable and agreed on.

Industries we service

We service a wide variety of industries, including (but not limited to) the following:

What Type of Elevator do I need
for my application?

We would love to help you choose the right elevating device for your application. Here are a few of the questions we will ask you. Please call the number below or fill out the form.

  • Is the elevating device for people or handling freight (or both)?
  • What is the application for the elevator (office, manufacturing, school, other)?
  • What sort of traffic do you expect for the elevating device?
  • Are you looking for a standard elevator cab or premium look?
  • How many stops, and will they be front, rear, side openings?
  • What will the travel be of the elevating device (how far will it travel)?

Types of elevators

We install, repair and maintain both hydraulic elevators and traction (roped) elevators.

Traction Elevators


Traditional overhead roped elevators have machine rooms which are situated directly above the elevator hoistway. While other traction elevator types like machineroomless (MRLs), have gained popularity, overhead traction elevators have some significant post construction advantages. With the key elevator equipment easily accessible, including controllers, elevator machines and braking systems, maintenance technicians can easily access for preventative maintenance.


While less frequent, in certain applications it makes sense to have the key traction elevator equipment in a basement machine room. Again, the advantage of this configuration over an MRL, is post construction where equipment is easily accessible to maintenance technicians.


Machineroomless (MRL) traction elevators have gained popularity in the past decade. Architects, in particular, appreciate this technology because the aesthetically displeasing machine room at the top of a building is no longer needed. The key elevator equipment is found inside the elevator hoistway. The disadvantage of MRLs is that much of the equipment is proprietary to the installing manufacturer leading to challenges post installation.

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Hydraulic Elevators


Traditional hydraulic elevator have an inground hydraulic cylinder that is attached below the elevator cab. The advantage to this technology is a quieter ride and the required hoistway size is smaller than a holeless hydraulic elevator where the cylinders are attached to the outside of the cab. The disadvantage of this technology can be high drilling costs (depending on the ground type such as rock) or difficult drilling due to water issues.


As the name suggests, a holeless hydraulic elevator does not require that a hole be drilled for the cylinder. Typically, a holeless hydraulic elevator will have cylinders that are attached to the outside of the elevator cab. The advantage to this technology is that contractors do not need to coordinate hole drilling very early in the building project, and ground type is not an issue.


MRL hydraulic elevators are a relatively new technology. With this technology the required machine room (which houses the hydraulic tank) is no longer needed because it is situated within the hoistway. The disadvantages of this technology is that the equipment is generally very proprietary and very difficult to access for maintenance, thus increasing maintenance costs.

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Elevator Manufacturers

We have experience installing elevating device equipment from a variety of manufacturers. When we choose manufacturers, we ensure they supply non-proprietary, high quality equipment so that we can confidently provide our customers with premium elevating devices. We are Value Added Resellers (VARs) of Delta Elevator, but depending on the application, our elevator installers use products from the following manufacturers (and others):

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At Elevator One we provide the same high-level of services integrity and quality.
We deal with commercial lift services, accesses and wheelchair elevators, and material / freight elevators.