The Elevator One Difference

Elevator One A Typical Elevator Company
Elevator One’s clients have the lowest level of unscheduled repairs of any other elevator repair company in Ontario (less than 1 repair per elevator per year) Breakdowns happen when you least expect it and the company is slow to respond (5 – 10 repairs per elevator per year)
Highly rated by TSSA (TSSA has rated Elevator One as the most compliant company in the entire province of Ontario) Compliance with the safety standards issued by TSSA are not taken seriously (TSSA finds most of their elevators to have 4 or more safety violations)
Elevator One has the most elevator uptime (repairs, if any, are diagnosed and corrected within a half of day) Broken elevators are down for several days with no certainty of when they will be repaired and back running properly
Elevator One does extensively more preventive maintenance to extend the longevity and service life of the elevator Attempts to do as little as possible as infrequently as possible to maximize short term profits and increase client frustrations.
Elevator One responds quickly to requests and questions for technical issues Not sure when they will respond or if they will respond. Or, if they do, they respond from a call center in a faraway land and is not aware that Ontario even exists.
Elevator One Sales Team respects both current and potential customers and responds to all requests within one business day Potential customers often wait for weeks to get a response if they get one at all.