Man Lifts

Man Lifts

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Elevator One is at the forefront of the manlift industry in Ontario.

These lifts are often used in industrial settings such as feed mills, flour mills and other production operations. Types of manlifts include hand-powered counter-balanced manlifts, power manlifts (small, one-person elevators) and powered endless-belt manlifts (such as Humphrey lifts).

Elevator One has easy access to some of the most impressive experience on the continent; both in our office and in the field. This includes mechanics with many years of experience with these devices, and engineering staff with decades of experience with these devices. Elevator One also has one of the largest spare-parts departments for manlifts in the province.


Alimak Rack & Pinion Supplier

Elevator One Inc. is an authorized service provider for Alimak/Hek in the province of Ontario for the service, repair and installation of the Alimak Rack & Pinion manlifts. Alimak lifts can be installed inside or outside, above ground or underground, on curved or inclined surfaces.

Rack & Pinion lifts are ideally suited to harsh industrial environments (i.e. mines, power generation, cement manufacturing, chemical production, food processing etc). Where regular traction (roped) elevators require a wire rope that is subject to damage in harsh environments, the rack & pinion design offers a more robust alternative. Furthermore, while varying temperatures can cause wire ropes to lengthen or contract, resulting in leveling problems, an Alimak Rack & Pinion lift always provides accurate floor leveling.


Our Team

Elevator One field mechanics and office supervisors have completed training provided by Alimak/Hek on the installation, maintenance and repair of their rack and pinion lifts. As an authorized service provider for Alimak/Hek, Elevator One also has immediate access to further technical support and to all required spare parts.

For field support services of Alimak rack and pinion lifts, call 1-800-465-7069 or 705-728-2361, or use our contact form.